Continued H8 from Yes on H8

I am a "douchebag," as the young people say

I am a "douchebag," as the young people say

So Kenneth Starr, noted douchebag from the 90’s, is back to represent the Yes on 8 campaign in a petition to the Supreme Court of Calilfornia to nullify the 18,000+ legal gay marriages that were consecrated by the state before the Mormons and the Catholics (Wasn’t that Jesus guy all about love or something? No?) flooded the state with bigoted and stupid propaganda and managed to get Californians to pass prop 8, and outlaw gay marriage.  Yeah, that’s right. The H8ers don’t just want to stop the progress of freedom and equality, but actually roll it back.  


People in ove should be able to marry each other.

People in love should be able to marry each other.

I don’t think that it’s going to happen, and I don’t think that signing this petition to the California Supreme Court is going to do anything (honestly, I hope no petition should or can influence high court judges), but it is important to keep spreading the word about this issue. Love will conquer hate eventually; we’re obviously (and awesomely) moving that way as a society, and we will definitely overcome these little obstacles. But only if we keep pushing. So check out the video, which is pretty touching actually, send it to your friends, and don’t forget about civil rights.


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