Murdered for calling the police

I can’t believe that this shit still happens…all the time. Myron Edwards of SF got his home burglarized – bunch of stuff was stolen, including his puppy – so he called the cops. Shortly thereafter, a bunch of gang members beat him up. End of story? No. Turns out the cops had planned a raid previously on the same gang, and after the (successful) raid, they found Edwards’ puppy and returned it to him. So a few days later, Edwards arranges to meet with another gang member. As a relative elder at 40 and SF native who didn’t want to move out of his home in fear, he thought he could work things out with the younger gang members. Nope. They just killed his ass for being at all involved with the police. ba-sfslay11_ph_0499783143

Now I have a huge problem at baseline with Stop Snitchin’ culture, but I can at least understand where it comes from in terms of keeping police brutality and normative culture imposition out of the projects/minority communities/whatever. What’s not cool is not Snitchin’ because if you do, you will get killed by gang members trying to keep their drug rings afloat. 

Here’s the article at


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