The GOP lies to constituents

Yglesias criticizes the Politico’s David Rogers for not calling out Republican lawmakers on their LA – Vegas high speed rail bullshit story. The fault here, of

Rep. Candace Miller used her position of power to lie to Americans

Rep. Candace Miller used her position of power to lie to Americans

 course, lies with Republicans who think it’s OK to make up completely unfounded stories to get a sound bite. Responding to Candace Miller (R-Mich) explaining her “no” vote on the stimulus by citing “the Senate majority leader [earmarking] $8 billion for a rail system from Las Vegas to Los Angeles,” Yglesias says:


“Rep Miller wasn’t “explaining” anything, she was lying to her constituents. Nor were conservatives running a “campaign to find pork barrel projects int he stimulus bill” they were inventing fictional projects. Nor were obscure House backbenchers like Miller running a rogue operation here. House Minority Leader John Boehner led the charge on peddling this lie, and Senator Jim Demint was on the case as well.”

The merits of a HSR line from Vegas to LA (or any HSR projects) aside, I find it incredibly selfish, stupid, and anti-American of Republicans to straight up lie to constituents like this. There was never any plan to use stimulus money for an LA-LV HSR line, and Harry Reid did not ever earmark stimulus money for that cause. did House Min. Leader John Boehner. Nice glamour shot, btw. did House Minority Leader John Boehner. Nice glamour shot, btw.

 We are in dire straights right now, and as our economy teeters, Americans have a right to be correctly informed about what our representatives in Congress and our President is up to. I’ll write off Rush and Hannity and those idiots (they’re trying to make a buck like any other entertainer; they just happen to be total assholes too), but when elected Republican representatives of the Congress, including GOP leadership, are directly misleading the American public, it is a serious problem. When Congressmen and women emerge from the chamber and give interviews, those people watching the interviews (or reading the papers that cover the interviews) rightfully believe that these “public servants” are telling the truth: who’s better to make a statement about what’s going on in Congress than a Congressperson? So when Reps. Miller, Boehner, and other GOP leaders use that opportunity to peddle lies, they are doing America a grave disservice, and certainly lowering the level of public discourse in our country.




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