Legalization of weed in CA


CA State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano

CA State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano

Just because he was totally reading this blog, CA Assemblyman and San Francisco native Tom Ammiano introduced legislation on Monday that would allow Californians to “grow, buy, sell and possess cannabis.” As discussed previously, I think it’s a pretty good idea. In fact, I do now think that legalizing buying and selling is preferable to just legalizing growing (Kleinman’s idea) – because there will be many more people who want to use marijuana as a drug than want to put in the time and effort to grow it themselves. This would obviously lead to the perseverance of the black market, which is one of the things legalization seeks to at least largely diminish, if not destroy completely. So Ammiano’s on the right track. There’s still a long way to go towards legalization (for instance, federal law still prohibits all of the things that Ammiano wants to legalize), but this is a good first step.


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