Krugman likes Obama’s budget

And I’m on board as well, for many of the same reasons. First off, it’s cool to see that Pres. Obama is planning to reform the health care budget. Although there are no specifics, Obama’s budget allocates $634bn to health care reform in general. For about a million reasons (do a google search), we need to reform our health care system in the US – so this is good news to America’s citizens and it’s bottom line – our current health care system is hugely inefficient. The budget also projects earnings of $647bn from cap-and-trade carbon emissions, so we can be sure that the Obama admin will be getting serious about regulating carbon. All in all, as Krugman says,  

If he can get anything like the plan he announced on Thursday through Congress, he will set America on a fundamentally new course.

And it seems like a pretty good just, progressive, and sensible course to me.


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