The Vegas-LA High Speed Rail Line will be piloted by a Centaur


All aboard the Las Vegas to Los Angeles High Speed Rail Line!!

All aboard the Las Vegas to Los Angeles High Speed Rail Line!!

…and unicorns in uniforms will serve you Reid tea. I wrote about Republican lawmakers lying to constituents about the myth of the Vegas-LA HSR line earlier, and although the stimulus has since passed (not containing, nor did it ever contain any provision for HSR between California and Nevada), wingnut mouthpieces continue to straight lie to the American people about it. Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) perpetrated the lie blatantly yesterday in a conversation aired on Fox News (h/t Benen):



KELLY: It’s a super railroad, of sorts — a line that will deliver customers straight from Disney, we kid you not, to the doorstep of the moonlight bunny ranch brothel in Nevada. I say, to the moonlight Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada. So should your tax dollars be paying for these kinds of projects? […]

FRANKS: The majority leader of the U.S. Senate, Harry Reid has fought for this publicly and is committed to this project, even in the face of criticism…. If this is something that is truly the priority of the majority leader of the US senate, it’s pretty late in the day, Megyn.


I say again: there was no such item in the stimulus package, nor was there ever any such item in the stimulus package. Harry Reid did not support any such

Trent Franks (R-AZ) lies to the American people.

Trent Franks (R-AZ) lies to the American people.

project, publicly or privately, because it did not exist. There was $8bn in the package for HSR, but it was not attached to any specific location, and Reid has never said a peep about using that money to bring HSR to Vegas. Say what you will about Fox News’ obvious slant and commentary; it’s a for-profit organization that has found its money making niche in right-wing editorialism and blowhardation. But when a “reporter” and a fucking Congressional Representative use the channel to intentionally confuse  and mislead Americans under the guise of “news”? That’s too far, and I’m sick of this Republican moral repugnance.


2 thoughts on “The Vegas-LA High Speed Rail Line will be piloted by a Centaur

  1. johnnypavoratti says:

    I already got my tickets.

  2. potaohearn says:

    Aaarggghh, this makes me so angry. I can’t believe politians can get away with this shit. I mean ok, you have an affair, lie about that. Lie about your own persoanl life becuase that doesn’t effect the entire country. But lying on national television about a “super railroad” that would actually create jobs and increase state revenue and potentially help pull us out of this mess we are in is simply absurd. And on top of all of that, to put words in some one else’s mouth …claiming that Sen. Reid supported the “Disney-Whorehouse Express” in the stimulus package! I mean come on!
    So why isn’t the left, or “liberal media” making a peep about this?? Or are they and I just don’t know about it? (I hope that is the case).
    Also, I feel it is worth relating the story about what happened when you called Rep. Franks. More people need to do shit like that.

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