Yeah, insulting handicapped people isn’t too cool – and I wish Obama had not implicitly done so on Leno last night. Stupid ABC news won’t let me copy from their page (so hell no I’m not putting the link to the story), but the gist of it is something like this: Leno and Obama talked about his bowling performance, Obama said he’s getting better and rolled a 129, Leno sarcastically complimented that score, and Obama self-depricatingly said “Yeah, it’s like the Special Olympics.” 

Pretty boneheaded thing to say at all, and especially on live TV. It is pretty insensitive – totally one of those comments that some friend’s friend or annoying coworker says while joking around and you kinda half-laugh and try to change the subject as soon as possible, having already silently judged that person as whack and probably a Republican. I mean, yeah, there’s humor in making fun of people, it’s just not nice humor, and definitely not presidential (or liberal, really) humor. Oh well.


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