Time for a change in drug policy


Remember: George H.W. Bush declared the "war on drugs" in 1989

Remember: George H.W. Bush declared the "war on drugs" in 1989

Glenn Greenwald points to an article in Toronto’s Daily Star about the possibility of much-needed change in how the federal government deals with drug use in the US.

Exit “reefer madness” and enter a more reasoned debate on what works, with the goal of targeting deadly cartels who today place drugs in the hands of American children with greater ease than ever before.

Right down the page I was discussing pragmatism – and what better use is there for that measured, outcomes-based philosophy than US drug policy? The status quo: billions and billions spent annually that have destabilized several nations around the world (including a few highly strategically important ones: Mexico and Afghanistan, to start), created and incredibly lucrative and lawless black market in the United States, and really have not affected whether or not US citizens use illegal drugs. It makes sense that we should take on these policies, then, and instead of mindlessly following the prevailing ideology (on both sides of the American political spectrum) that throwing money at the drug problem (and primarily targeted at drug suppliers) will make it go away. Greenwald has written some big report on the case of Portugal, which decriminalized all drugs a few years ago, and it will be released on April 1 – we’ll certainly revisit this topic then.


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