Will’s Best of 2015


Some good tunes out there this year. If you like what you year, buy an album, or go see a show!

Download link (from my dropbox; sorry for the slowness) is in the comments.

Thanks to M O’H for more perfect artwork.

#s 50-90 in no particular order; #1-49 (roughly) ranked in order of awesomeness.

90. Alabama Shakes — Don’t Wanna Fight

89. The Dø — Trustful Hands

88. Christian Scott — Sunrise in Beijing

87. Wilco — You Satellite

86. Russell St. Bombings — Side Z. The first of a good handful of songs or artists I originally heard on Henry Rollins’ Sunday night show on KCRW. Tune in.

85. Tirzah — Make It Up.

84. Jose Gonzalez — Open Book

83. Toro Y Moi — Ratcliff

82. Summer Peaks — Swim Out. Great acoustic guitar riffing.

81. Monika — Secret in the Dark. I think she is a huge thing in Greece, maybe?

80. Lower Dens — To Die in LA

79. American Wrestlers — Kelly

78. Colleen — Captain of None

77. Toro Y Moi feat. Kool AD, SAFE — 2Late

76. Lady Lamb — Billions of Eyes

75. Kendrick Lamar — Alright

74. Deerhunter — Snakeskin. Poppy, but catchy.

73. Four Tet — Evening Side

72. The Old Ceremony — Sprinter (Direwolf Remix). Direwolf breathes life and dancing and beats into what’s a pretty so-so tune at baseline. 

71. Flaural — Olly Olly Oxen Free

70. Bjork — Lionsong.

69. Best Coast — California Nights. Sentimental.

68. Jahan — Thinly veiled hell.

67. Vince Staples — Norf Norf. Great video, great beat.

66. Sheer Mag — Fan the Flames

65. WIN WIN — Don’t Freak Out

64. Jacuzzi Boys — Happy Damage

63. Panda Bear — Mr Noah

62. Ned Garthe Explosion — Tonight (Live). I recorded this on my phone: not bad, eh? NGX live is pretty much the best thing ever.

61. The Arcs — Cold Companion

60. Clouds & Mountains — Cruel Universe

59. Wreckless Eric — Days of My Life

58. Sonny & the Sunsets — Happy Carrot Health Food Store. Talk to your dog.

57. Hop Along — Sister Cities

56. Fake Palms — Estates

55. of Montreal — Bassem Sabry

54. Viet Cong — March of Progress

53. The Staves — Steady

52. B. Hamilton — Maison, Miscene

51. Kamasi Washington — Change of the Guard

50. Fadioutou Wallet Inamoud — Wana Le Nouveau. Found this one (and a few others on this list) on Said the Gramaphone’s always excellent best of 2015 list. 

49. Hiiragi Fukuda — 316L

48. PEACE — World Pleasure. Eh, a mistake. This song isn’t actually that good.

47. Damaged Bug — The Mirror. John Dwyer.

46. Julia Holter — Vasquez

45. St. Germain — Real Blues

44. Royal Headache — Need You

43. Sonny & the Sunsets — Cheap Extensions

42. Sufjan Stevens — Should Have Known Better. Too pretty, too emotional to actually listen too.

41. Young Fathers — Still Running

40. Dick Diver — Tearing the Posters Down

39. The Staffords — Poor Folks Live

38. Torres — Sprinter

37. Bop English — Dani’s Blues (It Was Beyond Our Control).

36. Jenny Hval — That Battle Is Over

35. Neon Indian — Slumload

34. Speedy Ortiz — Raising the Skate

33. B. Hamilton — Tequila and Marigolds.

32. Mark Ronson feat. Kevin Parker — Summertime

31. Son of Rams — Jedi Zipper Kid

30. Deradoorian — Beautiful Woman (Live). Ripped from a video. Didn’t get to see her live, unfortunately. The live versions are a little more human than the album.

29. Doug Hream Blunt — Fly Guy

28. Diane Coffee — GovT

27. Unknown Mortal Orchestra — Necessary Evil

26. Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment — Go

25. Tame Impala — Let It Happen. Great track, morphs and switches and emerges.

24. Ty Segall — Mr. Face

23. Tijuana Panthers — Power Plant

22. Hot Chip — Huarache Lights

21. Mbongwana Star — Masobélé

20. Fuzz — Let it Live

19. Jessie Baylin — To Hell and Back.

18. Oops it looks i skipped one. With the empty space, I think I’d put in Xol Rumi by Vinyl Williams (I put together the list in late December). You’ll have to check that one out on your own.

17. Thee Oh Sees — Lupine Ossuary. Thee Oh Sees keep making rad music that is just different enough to keep your interest

16. Buena Vista Social Club –Black Chicken 37

15. High Plains Honky — Ronnie & Phil. Tight songwriting, engaging performance, great voice.

14. Mac Demarco — A Heart Like Hers. I don’t agree with this, but also I guess I agree with this a little bit?Screenshot 2016-01-16 03.10.17

13. Son of Rams — Heaven Sent

12. Father John Misty — Heart Shaped Box. What a cover. Only a few people could do justice to Kurt Cobain’s delivery, and Josh Tillman is one of them.

11. Deradoorian — Grow (Live on KEXP). I tried to edit this one so the KEXP dj doesn’t yell in your year, but oops i didn’t do it right.

10. Diane Coffee — Mayflower

9. Kurt Vile — Pretty Pimpin

8. Unknown Mortal Orchestra — Can’t Keep Checking My Phone. What we are all thinking.

7. Sam Gellaitry — Long Distance. This song fucking rocks. This dude is fucking 18. 

6. Kendrick Lamar — King Kunta. Bouncy, fun, unusual, serious.

5. Courtney Barnett — Pedestrian At Best. Saw her perform this song last year before her new album came out and knew it would be a hit. 

4. Thundercat — Them Changes. Dat bassline.

3. Tijuana Panthers — Foolish. Maybe my favorite album of the year. 

2. B. Hamilton — Didn’t I. This song could rip sheet metal to shreds. 

1. Sonny & the Sunsets — The Application. I’ve been humming this song pretty much every day since I first heard it. Catchy, funny, appropriately nonsensical. 


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